Daddys Little Girls


From the very first moment you held us we both knew we were your little girls

We saw the tenderness in your eyes when you looked at us we were captured in your gaze.

Although we were different, we both knew we were your special girls.

We felt sheltered in your arms, warmed in your tender embrace

When you held our hands, we yearned to hold on just a tiny bit longer,

We pledged to ourselves to be just like you, for you were strong, we admired you.

We loved your stories the way you told them, they captured our hearts, we always wanted to listen a wee bit longer.

Daddy please tell us just more story, what would it take to have just have one more day, one more hour with you.

We can hear your voice, the way you called our names, our lives will never be the same.

When we worked together in the garden we felt close to you, we watched the way you planted and watered, we learned from you.

Seems like yesterday you took us for rides on the tractor, we can hear the meadowlark’s singing and feel the sun on our bare legs.

When we hear Hank Williams playing we will think of you and smile, we will play our memories like an old record, for even the scratches sound good.

We loved the way you spoiled us, just a little but never too much.

We were always happy you wanted dessert, it was a tiny little treat.

We knew you were proud of us for even your neighbours knew our names.

We saw the way you looked at us, we were beautiful in your eyes

We will never forget the day you gave us away, we want you to know we will always be yours.

We saw the way you loved our Mom, your partner and best friend

We will gather our tears and hold them in a tiny bottle, and place them on a shelf in our hearts.

Words cannot express the loss we feel, and the hole we feel inside.

Could we spend one more day fishing together, We would work right by your side and make you very proud.

We cannot bear to say goodbye, the words feel cold and ugly, for if we say them it will be true and you would be gone from us, we cannot let you go away.

When we look in the mirror we will see you smiling back at us, you are part of us.

We will always be your little girls.

Rosie McNeil


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