No eyes to see those around you but a big heart with lots of love and joy to give

When you placed your tiny hands in mine and we stood together for a single moment our worlds were one

When you sang your sweet lullaby the world in all its beauty blossomed

A beautiful flower that’s who you are

Inside of you joyous music overflows

In this fallen world with all its troubles there is a tiny voice that can be heard

Although our languages are different are hearts are the same

Sweet child of grace so beautiful inside, I will remember you

Our eyes never met but I can hear your voice echo in my heart

When you finally meet your parents their lives will never be the same

You will bless their world in so many small ways

Sweet child of wonder and grace, I will always remember you.

Rosie McNeil

211Written for Nitu the blind little girl living in Shishu Bhvan a home for unwanted and abandoned children in Kolkata India.



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