Mom picMom

Somedays I miss you Mom, for although you are here, you seem so far away.

Today you know me and I see the light within your eyes when our hearts softly embrace.

In a fleeting moment you will be swept away, that hollow empty look in your eyes will return like storm clouds that linger overhead, the tempest within my heart aches for you to stay with me just a little longer.

If we could hold on dearly to this moment and bask within the warm glow of sweet and tender love

I know even the tiny rays of sunshine that gently gleam down on me, will turn to dark clouds and gloomy skies will open and rain showers will pour down mercilessly, like tears that flow within my broken heart.

If only I could take away your yesterdays and wipe away the shadows that fill your vacant spaces.

If only you could hold on to my love and cherish every memory we once held dear.

If I could spend another day with you at home, I would weed the whole garden and not complain at just one single row.

When I close my eyes I can hear your laugh and see sunshine dancing in your dark brown eyes.

I can almost smell the fresh warm bread that’s baking in the oven and hear soft melodic hymns play as you welcome me home

If I could take one more afternoon with you, I would hold your hand again and together we would pick wild flowers and listen to small songbirds sweetly singing in the trees

But I know there’s a dark storm brewing on the horizon and I must remember that this too will pass

And all that that shall remain will be a stunning rainbow indicating you and Dad are still with me,


Finally Free
Sharon-Rose McNeil March 9, 2016


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