I can feel my cheeks burning

Faces shining, embers glowing

Waiting in anticipation of the hunt


Smoke billows up, twisting, curving into unique shapes

An eagle emerges, his beak forming an arrowhead

The Great Spirit is with us providing for us


I cautiously map the distance to the edge of the cliff,

Plotting, rehearsing my every move


As I lie in wait, pressing my ear to the ground

I hear a distant roar

Thunder echoes off the walls of the jagged canyon below

The earth begins to roar, my heart beating in perfect unison

To the cadence of the drums


An eagle soars above, calling out my name,

Signaling the time has com

Birthing forth, the buffalo and I as one


These wind raked plains are my home, the buffalo my friend

We live together in perfect harmony,

One people, one tribe, one voice



We come to Wanuskewin seeking, searching

Hoping to find peace

And humbly taking our place



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