Thunder roars and crashes

Inflicting terror and nervous apprehension

Rain showers down, purifying,cleansing

Early morning mist begins to settle

I can almost taste the salty air

Another storm passes

Heat bears down, unmercifully

My soul cries out in desperation

O bitter rain, let me taste you, let me feel your warm embrace

Yet here I am unmoved, unchanged

Another year, another draught

Autumn gold tipped leaves begin to fall

Orange and buttery hues dance before my cloudy eyes

Like sunlight prances over the silvery waters edge

Another autumn, another fall

Howling and groaning, the wind speaks to me

Snow drifts billow up

Bitter cold bites me from within

I cannot endure another night !

Then just as the first snowflake fell,

It slowly begins to melt

Winter shall soon be, but a distant memory

Oh bide thee well my sorrows

For you too shall pass as do the sultry seasons


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