Concert Reflections – Music Monday

img_0763Today I stumbled across some photos that were taken three years ago at the Keith Urban concert in Vancouver BC, Canada.

It brought back fond memories as I recalled how happy I looked in the photos, all decked out in my cowgirl outfit complete with a Keith Urban pink concert T Shirt.


We all have favorite concert photos, but what makes a concert so memorable? Surely it is not the view because I certainly would have a better close up at home with my big screen. No I think it’s the enthusiasm and energy in the stadium. The concert was opened up by “Little Big town” now let me tell you do they ever do a great open. Once the music started the party went into full swing. My husband and I cut loose, danced and sang our hearts out. It was almost as if we were teenagers again. Who cares who thought we were too old, nope we rocked the night away.

All of a sudden I realized Keith himself had made his way into the audience and was only about three rows in front of me. He took his guitar signed it and gave it to one lucky concert goer… WOW so close.


I think attending a great concert is almost a must once and awhile, time to get out cut loose and sing till you lose your voice not to mention dress up in ridiculous outfits.

What’s your favorite concert memory? The one that really makes you smile and maybe even makes you break out singing or laughing?



2 Comments on “Concert Reflections – Music Monday

  1. I agree. We took my daughter to her first concert (Taylor Swift) when she was 11 and she cried! She cried from happiness because it was like being THAT much closer to the person who understood her through song and music. Even though we had seats in the balcony and watched the screen most, she had so much fun and it was a memory she will always cherish. Certain concert and music can really inspire us! … And I LOVE your pic!


    • Thanks Kat… I completely agree music has such a powerful affect on people, it can excite us, soothe us, and even heal us. My Mom has dementia and when we sing her favorite music together the world disappears and for a moment that ugly disease disappears. Keep enjoying music with your daughter whether it be a concert or just music in the car and always sing your heart out 🙂


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