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This poem reminds me of how sometimes our emotions and sorrows at times can feel so strong, yet are so similar to the season of life. Just as seasons come and go so will our thoughts and emotions but in the end it is, just another season.


This is a poem I wrote after visiting Wanuskewin in Saskatchewan Canada. I am Metis my grandmother and great grandmother were from the prairies of Saskatchewan, while at Wanuskewin I felt a very special connection to my Native heritage, this has always been my favourite piece of poetry that I have writen


Mom Somedays I miss you Mom, for although you are here, you seem so far away. Today you know me and I see the light within your eyes when our hearts softly embrace. In a fleeting moment you will be swept away, that hollow…

Who am I ?

            Who am I ? When all the layers are peeled away Who am I ? When I glance into the mirror, I scarce recognize myself Who am I ? Each day I wonder down this lonely dusty road…

Daddys Little Girls

From the very first moment you held us we both knew we were your little girls We saw the tenderness in your eyes when you looked at us we were captured in your gaze. Although we were different, we both knew we were your…


Nitu No eyes to see those around you but a big heart with lots of love and joy to give When you placed your tiny hands in mine and we stood together for a single moment our worlds were one When you sang your sweet…

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