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Happy St Patrick’s Day !!!

Much love to Ireland 🇮🇪 Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Ireland is such a warm and inviting Country … a place I love to visit often. Is there a special place in the world that you feel a heart ❤️❤️connection too? What are your dreams…


Conviction Billy Graham undoubtedly lived his life with unwavering conviction. I have always been taken with Billy Grahams faith and life. I remember growing up I would see him on TV and watch him my heart was always moved. I am amazed at the…

So exciting I just picked up Honor Sales

So exciting I just picked up Honor Sales Flyers from the printer. Monks office does such a wonderful job on printing… feels great… and the coffee tastes great too 🙂 #HonorSales #salestraining #salescoaching #motivationalspeaker

Goal Setting: How to Cross the Finish Line

Source: Goal Setting: How to Cross the Finish Line


This poem reminds me of how sometimes our emotions and sorrows at times can feel so strong, yet are so similar to the season of life. Just as seasons come and go so will our thoughts and emotions but in the end it is, just another season.


This is a poem I wrote after visiting Wanuskewin in Saskatchewan Canada. I am Metis my grandmother and great grandmother were from the prairies of Saskatchewan, while at Wanuskewin I felt a very special connection to my Native heritage, this has always been my favourite piece of poetry that I have writen


Mom Somedays I miss you Mom, for although you are here, you seem so far away. Today you know me and I see the light within your eyes when our hearts softly embrace. In a fleeting moment you will be swept away, that hollow…

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Stock Trader and Horse Rider




National Community Media Alliance

Travis and the Brain

My Journey Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Sales Training for Selling Skills

Sales training resources, tips and articles to improve selling skills

Laura Burns Coaching

"Seeing in you what others do not see"

Honor Sales

Coaching To Help Your Sales Soar

PT Contender

becoming a top contender for PT school

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